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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

Its 3.23am now. and I have to update for that lazy pig. zzzzz boring. that lazy pig slping now luhs. cause tmr still have to go for navy talk. BORING, so ytd ders ytd, means two days before, he came chuachukang meet me :DDD sorry for waiting so long ehs. bobian, not feeling well mahs. reached there and 1st thing to do was to COMPLAIN :D complain to him I not feeling well nars. zzzzzzz. so took mrt to cityhall. walked around, walked to citylink then esplanade, then to 7-11 buy sour plum and wine.

slacked and all then went marina square, walkwalk and went to eat. and its that pig eat only luhs. LOLS LOLS LOLS hhmms. after that went outside marina square, went to slack and all. take photos :D than after that jiu take mrt go home lers. he pei me go cck nors then jiu go home with his sis and his sis ders stead. thanks baobei :D so yeahs. chat with him on the phone and he went to slp alr. zzzzz

so promised him will hlp him update wan.
so here I am :D
okay. I stop here alr.
the rest let him update himself.

faster wake up lehs you pig baobei

Sunday, December 17, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

todayyy morninqq qo to work as usuall nOrhs .`. hpeinqq tyme can pass faster so ii can meet her nORhs . dden work till 3plus liddat jiu qo hme liiao le lorhs .. b4 qo hme bang the fuckinqq door .. hand qott blood .. ii was feelinqq .. WTH siia .. whyy liddat NB . !! LOLS . laxlax .. nbms .. dden jiu qo hme prepare meet baObeii nOrhs .. dden call her nbrr ans thot she stil ornorn lehs .. haahs . dden she call back say she shower juz nw haahs .. LOLS . icics .. dden qo hme faster faster prepare jiu call baObeii dden meet her nOrhs .. ((: so anxious to meet her siia ..

LOLS. . dden reach batok lorhs . haahs .. meet her le jiu qo down town liiao le haahs . find another couple nOrhs .. my cousin n his stdd meiqi LOLS . aka my g`mei larhs .. my real meii n louis oso qott qo haahs .` wahhs .. 3 couplee siia .. dden meet le qo far east .. !! wahh ii HOLD her hand nehs ..` LOLS . whew heartbeat so fast siia .. LOLS . x: OMGG .. ii n baobeii alight at somerset siia .. walk till far east so far nOrhs .. sweat lykk hell nOrhs .. x: .. siiann siiann .. LOLS . dden reach far east jiu eat lonqq john nOrhs .. haahs . x: .. baObeii nortii nbrr eat siia .. haishh .. nbrr takkairre dde nOrhs ..`

dden after tat qo shopshopp dden jiu qo smokesmoke .x: dden jiu qo wait bus lorhs . qo PS haahs ..` x: FUN days nOrhs ..` wahhs .. realii so swit widd her siia .. ARGHH wo hen xianqq ta NOW lorhs .. nxt wkks dden can meet.. cos workwork nOrhs .. siian siian siia .. x: ..

nbms dden after shopshop .. we haffin a loadds ob LAUGH nORhs . LOLS . wahahs .. FUN lorhs .. gris n meiqi qo hme first nOrhs . dden after tat ii peii baObeii hme nORhs ..` LOLS . latelate le .. bu fangxin .. she owae say mafanmafan .. ii oso don care ..` bleahhs ..` ((: who ask ues my baObeiis haahs .. x: dden ii jiu qo hme le .. she alight ii so xianqq ta .. !! dden chat widd her on the fone haahs .. while on the way backk .. she call miie mahs .. ((:

update soon .`
tC ahs .` wo . aii . nii baObeii .
smuackks .. thnkss .`

Friday, December 15, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

lalalaas, ytd went to work at 6+++++ then before that, I eat,drink and talk on the phone. LOLS LOLS LOLS.

thenthen went to work, ytd lack 100. wha. sian lors. zzzzzzz hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahas. okay. crap. then after went home, chat on the phone again and the went to slp. PIG MANS.

then next morning wake up, sms sms sms, then online. then after tat chat on the phone. later 6 still need go work. confirm sian lors. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ shagg mans, nah, nvm. work enough money than can take care of me mahs. LOLS. LOLS LOLS.

okay lahs. I really don noe wad to update lahs.LAZY PIG, cannot update himself wan. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
okay. BYEBEYE,

:DDDDD !! toidi shal tnaw etadpu nuliak
read from the back :DDDDDDDDD

LOVE YA. <33

Thursday, December 14, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

haha s..`
baObeiis muz be eattinqq nOrhs .. LOLS .
ii so so so hungry oso nehs .
mum all slqq liiao le .. sis oso not at hme .
she qo chalet widd her stdd ..
ii qott work cant qo norhs .. siian 1/2 larhs ..
lett say bout TODAY haahs .. LOLS .. so happy siia ..
nOe whyy . LOLS . cos can meet baObeiis aqain today mahs .. !!

qo shopshop .. at first didn't tok much dde nOrhs ..
baObeiis say my sister sCary LOLS . wan beat pple liidatt LOLS ..
nbms larhs .. dden juz nw morninqq qo out widd mum they all nOrhs ..
buy their tinqq nOrhs .. LOLS .. dden hOrrr .. ii at thrr sms.ing baObeiis nOrhs ..
dden after qo bugis buy tinqq wait fer her norhs haahs .. LOLS .
ii buy 1GB dde m2 nOrhs .. LOLS .. my wan diff frm baObeiis ..
so her wan cheaper haahs .. LOLS . ((:

dden my sis qo hme le.. left miie n baObeiis . n her frens .. siew mai . LOLS . x:
OPPS .. no larhs .. ii don noe her name ..
haffinqq fun bahhs .` LOLS .. eatt widd her shop jiu peii them wait bus ..
dden ii jiu qo find buddy n nu`er .. while jiu qo hme ..
so tiredd nehs .. so fast tmll work aqain le ..
haben rest enuff worr .. ARGHH haahs .. butt no $$$ le ..
tis satt hope baObeiis qott qo bahhs ..
sorries baObeiis .. iiWONsmoke LE ..

haO bahhs .` be back soon . !!
yaO xianqq wo . x:
Baobeiis .. ii LOVE ues loadds ..

Monday, December 11, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

10。12。06 。
haahs ..` it SUNDAY while eberiibody iis slqqinqq . ii qo work LOLS .
ehs baObeiis call miie ii still slqqinqq .. x:
so tiredd mahs . ! but stil haff to work ..
cos ob $$ haahs .. no CHOICE ..
7-11 dde jobb better dden wat fuckinqq zoo nOrhs ..
dden after tat shower hao prepareprepare .
jiu qo workk .. baobeiis qo ornorn .
she comfirm berlii tiredd dde nehs .. ((: LOLS .
3plus dden msg miie say she wake upp le ..
haahs .` dden sms her when nobody nOrhs .
wah lao . say ii look at chio.bu =.="
haah s..` yaO believe miie dde nOrhs ..
ii actually 7 jiu off work le.. butbut
nobody so muz work lonqq . ` till 11 .. reach hme 12 liddatt ..
chat widd baObeiis till wan 2 dden qo slqq LOLS .
wo.aii.nii baObeiis .` <33

11。12。06 。
juz wke upp nOrhs .. promise baObeiis will update .
she 4am msg miie ask miie wke upp nOrhs ..
poor tink cant slqq aqain .. ii msg her in the morninqq .. nbrr reply ..
tink she slqqinqq bahh . dden ii continue to slqq till 12 LOLS .
cos workk 7-11 mahh .. wo haO xianqq baObeiis worr .. )):
haOo don noe watt to rtye liiao le ..
我.爱.你 . smuackx .

Sunday, December 10, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

early in the morninqq . wke ups .
WORK obcos .. !~! 11 to 7
baObeiis call miie wke upp ..
prepare sms-ing her while waitinqq bus haahs
LOLS .. so swit nehs ..
dden start workk dden baObeiis call miie .
askk miie whrr ii obcos at WORK nehs . !!
sorries nOrhs .. lett ues wait so lonqq . .
buhaOoyishii .. x: ..
sorries larhs ii nOe far .. !!
haishh ..`

dden she went back widd her cousin . !!
ii continue my workk `. siiansiian .. !!
work till 8 dden qo eatt dden qo hme ..

on the fone widd her .. LOVE YAHH .
smuackk `.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

LOLS .. ytdd morninqq wke upp blurrblurr cos tiredd mahs . wahahs .. nwadays slqq latelate le .. haahs .. ((: muz qet use larhs ..` LOLS . dden prepare flood louis fone c whether he wke upp liiao le mahs .. haah s..` but my sis flood 50plus haben wke upp .. muz qo his hse call him LOLS .. dden wait for him to prepare jiu went out liiao le haahs ..` tke 39 until halfway slqq .. siian siian .. !! reach thrr withdraw $$$ .. dden tke 354 qo in nOrhs .. haahs .. we the last to reach actually WTH haah s.. dden they say treat water we oso lanlan .!! LOLS .

went in the first was to play QO.KART LOLS .. all those spin high dde don dare to play nOrhs haahs .. dden went to play loadds ob games larhs haahs .. the weather BEST larhs ytdd .. damn fuckinqq HOTT .. haahs .. x: wahh liiaoo . dden baObeiis qo thrr oso nbrr say .. cos she tell miie nbrr qo liiao le mahs .. dden reach thrr sms miie .. play widd miie .. lucky stil can c her LOLS .. when we restinqq outside the burger king haah s.. she qo buy water mahs .. saw her use the cup cover FACE .. play cheat dde nOrhs .. x: LOLS .. no matter wat ii still LOVE her .. hhee ..` ((:

dden qo play while jiu qo eatt liiao le .. baObeiis qo hme le cant qo findd her liiao le lorhs .. went to eat dden play pool n basketball at the arcade haahs .. dden jiu went to bugiss .. went thrr wan buy shirt dde dden ite nbrr buy .. so exp n bohua .. dden today all the pple LYKK to *duiitiiao .. NB .. !!

dden went hme dde shi huo sms my baObeiis .. so xianqq ta haahs .. ((: miss yahh loadds ..
went hme call her le lorhs .. dden qo ornorn .. LOLS ..

wo aii baObeiis . 一辈子
smuackk` .

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

LOLS .` haahs .. early in the morninqq qo interview at steven thrr norhs .. cos workin thrr liiao le lorhs . LOLS .. ((: yeahh at least qott a job near-by LOLS .. muz work hardd here iib not berlii hard to find work le.. thanks to steven larhs anyway haahs .. XD .. dden after tat miie n meiis jiu qo bugis liiao le lorhs .. meetinqq shifu`wellx at bugis norhs .. 12.30 butt interview finish onlii 10plus niia worr .. dden qo buy drink tke 851 to bugis nOrhs haahs .. ((: reach thrr 12 stil early larhs ..` call wellx stil at hme nehs haahs ..` dden we qo praypray first nOrhs ..` LOLS ..

dden jiu went to buy ice.cream so HOTT siia the weather .. WTH .. !!!!!! dden went backk to PARCO lorhs .. slack blowblow the air.con haahs .. finally wellx call miie lorhs .. meet her at the kfc thrr haahs ..` LOLS .. dden qo shopshopp nOrhs .. tinkinqq wan call my cousin out mahs .. LOLS .. dden my sister call him he showerinqq say he qoinqq out lorhs .. dden we ask him qo whrr .. so QIIAOOO he oso cominqq bugis haahs .. dden we wait fer him nOrhs .. he widd hhis stdd LOLS .. ii oso noe dde .. my g`meii mahs .. wahaha s.. so lonqq nbrr realii chat le we twoo .. last tyme at hougang oso playy bball dde nOrhs .. small till now liddat haahs .. lonqq tyme liiao le lorhs .. oso don realii noe hw exact we start to chat wahaha s.. tyme realii FLY anywayy ..

dden slack at MAC sms.ingg her`LOVEsone hhee .. dden jiu qo shoppshopp lorhs .. waitinqq fer my sister stdd louiss haahs ..` dden we walk here n thrr in the bugis .. wahh liiaoo .. one place we can walkk **yi bai chi lehhs ... haahs .. went to streett n back to parco n to street aqain haahs .. cos wan peii wellx buy her pant haahs .. choose for her LOLS .. haffinqq fun wahahs .. dden meet louis liiao le .. qo arcade thrr .. he play car .. sibeii zai larhs .. $2 win so many race LOLS .. my sister was SO SO SO SO SO happy haahs ..

dden wait fer my cousin`gris dde stdd interview at parco dden we jiu qo SUNTEC city haahs .. missinqq herr while shoppinqq hhee .. wonder she qott eatt mahs .. wahahs .. dden went to TOY`rus shopp wahaha .. haffin LAME n CHILDISH FUN thrr widdd louiss haahs ..` still qot record down lorhs wahah s . . realii fun nehs .. wahahs .. dden jiu went hme le .. LOLS .. dden msg her on the train haahs ..` at nitex chatt widd her till ii wan slqq le lorhs .. haahs ..

niick`yy update soon .
bubye ..` wo xianqq nii .` LOVEsone

Saturday, December 02, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

(a) LONG freedom ues wanted .
(a) JOURNEY we couldn't qo on TOGETHER animore .
(a) DECISION ues sett CLEARLY to miie ; ues WANTED to leave .
(a) BROKEN.HEARTX ues LEFT when ues walk AWAY frm miie .
(a) SELFISH act ob YOUR's leadds to the SITUATION we have now .
(a) WHOLE minbb ob miie was THINKINGG bout ues , n NOE ues didn't CARE .
(a) PAIR ob CRYING eyes hoping to see ues ARE fine .
(a) NIICE memories will owae stay in my HEARTx .
(a) WHOLE loadds ob LIES ues say to me ; ii LOVE ues so ii DIDN'T minbb

REMEMBER once there was (a)PERSON whu LOVEs ues so MUCH . !!!
ii NOE it was (a) MISTAKE lovingg YOU . `
ii'm JUST (a) LOVETOY n (a) FOOL to ues .`
haishh . . ues MAKE miie FALLinLOVE for ues ; and MAKE miie HATE ues .

ii NEBBER believe in YOU (a)gain ...
niick`yy- TOTALLYdisappointted

Thursday, November 30, 2006

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♡ - wo.aii.nii baObeis*6.12.06 .

haahs ..` wke upps 11plus nOrhs .. don noe whyy slqq till so late .. early wke upp the weather so coolinqq nOrhs .. lykk wan rain but ite oso dua dde nbrr rain .. x: LOLS .. dden qo use com play games chattinqq .. recieved songg n sent songg lorhs .. LOLS . haahs .. XDD

mel`nu.er sent miie songg .. almost all berlii niice dde nehs .. **ii don't wan to miss a tinqq** ii lykk tis sonqq haahs .. ((: thnks loadds anww .. :D actually qott qo out at eveninqq dde nOrhs .. dden my bros nbrr arrange all lykk cant cant .. NB .. siian 1/2 lorhs .. haishh .. nxt tyme dden qo .. WTH .. sibeii siian nehs .. ARGHH . !!

qettinqq over her(ex) soon liiao le .. haahs .. XDD .
ii don wan to tinkk bout her o anitinqq bout her .. haahs .. END IT .. !!
tmll qoinqq tpy maybe qo findd . jiawen n kaien they all bahhs .. LOLS ..
sat n sun work aqain .. tis wkks gonna be diff .. cos my meis nbrr work liiao le lorhs .. haishh ..
louiss ii tinkk oso nbrr work le bahhs .. so many wkks nbrr come shure tio SACK dde .. x:

niick`yy .
aNEWminbb ; aNEWher . :DD